HAL: The High-performance Algorithm Laboratory - Screenshots
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HAL, the High-performance Algorithm Laboratory, is a versatile and extensible, free environment for empirical algorithmics.

Notice: HAL is currently in limited pre-release, intended for evaluation and testing by a selected group of collaborators. If you find this page and have not been invited to test HAL, please contact us before downloading any of the linked software. Versions will be updated regularly during this period.

All screenshots taken on a Mac OS X laptop connected using Google Chrome to a HAL 1.0b1 server on a Linux host. Click any image to view in higher-resolution.

Home Screen

Home screen of HAL 1.0. Note controls for starting new experiments (organized as tasks based on problems to be solved), new HAL objects, and real-time status of ongoing runs. Completed runs can be viewed by scrolling down (not pictured).

Experiment Design

Experiment specification for configuration design problem in HAL 1.0. Note that different configuration procedures can be chosen with a single click.

Active Run Monitoring (Configuration)

Live monitoring page showing progress of an ongoing configuration design experiment using ROAR. Note the current design's configuration, and the estimated solution quality evolution over the course of the run so far.

Active Run Monitoring (Pairwise Comparison)

Live monitoring page showing progress of an ongoing pairwise comparison analysis experiment comparing the current designs produced by two ongoing configuration design experiments. Note the overlaid SCDs, scatter plots, and statistics. Publication versions of the plots in PostScript format are accesible by clicking the links under respective plots in the UI.

Completed Run Monitoring (Single Analysis)

Page showing results of a completed single-algorithm analysis experiment.

Last updated 2010/11/02